It’s party time!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Last month I had the chance to decorate and style City Life Church 10th Birthday Party. It was such a beautiful day as the rain held out with the sunshine popping in and out. The kids had a great time as the adults relaxed to a live jazz band and shared some great food.  I had an incredible time making the decorations, and adding special touches throughout the party that I thought I would share with you some photos of the day and the things I created! 

The theme all started with a bespoke design, sunhat invitation since the Church is based in Luton, famous for their history of Hat Factories.
We wanted to create the theme based on the town classic orange and cream colour scheme adding a minty and gold touch to add extra colour. 
One of the highlight was a fun request from the Church Team, a Luton Town Hall Piñata. It was a fun project to make and the kids sure did have fun smashing it up for all the sweets inside to come out. 
Another special touch was the Journey Wall where guest were invited to write how they found the church and any memories they wanted share. It was a great way to reminisce the journey of the church and everyone who has been part of it. 

My favourite part of the party styling was the DIY Photo Booth with printed photos, and the kids teepee with my own DIY picnic rug. When you are conscious of budget, picnic rugs can become an expensive purchase to make, especially sourcing the right colours or pattern you want for your event. 
So what did I do, you guessed it, I DIY’ed one of course! 
I bought some patterned fabric from my local fabric shop, and also bought some thick calico, using fabric paint to paint on a pattern. Super easy to do.
I’ve always believe parties don’t have to be crazy expensive, it’s all about using what you have and the recourse around you, and getting creative. Whether it’s little nicknacks or decor you have already around your house, or getting creative and doing some DIY. 
The key is getting organised and be creative. 
However if you are really stuck, I’m here for you girl! 

Lots of love and Confetti.

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