Chinese New Year Party Recipe

Friday, January 27, 2017

Hoooooray it’s Friday!
Today I have a very special guest blogger on here and I’m so excited to introduce you to the lovely Lucy from lucy loves to eat

Lucy is a food & lifestyle blogger where she shares restaurant reviews, her very own recipes and fab home decor.  She is also a mother to the lovely little Isaac who is just the cutest.
Oh and I have to mention her amazing instagram account that will sure make you drool! 
Today she will be sharing with us a Chinese New Year recipe that will make a fab addition to your CNY party spread this weekend. 
So keep reading and get cooking!


Happy Chinese New Year! I am so honoured that Tiffany asked me to come up with a recipe to share with you guys for Chinese New Year, so I really hope you’ll enjoy trying this simple dish at home.

Every dish that is eaten during the New Year usually holds a symbolic meaning and prawns, pronounced ‘ha’ in Chinese sounds just like laughter. The well wishing of laughter for your new year ahead is an appealing one and can be easily cooked in 10 minutes. Chinese style pan fried prawns are best made with whole prawns with the head and shell intact but for ease and convenience, I’ve used de-shelled prawns.   

Thank you so much to Lucy for sharing your recipe. 
I’ll be sure to make this dish this weekend and you should too.
Happy Chinese New Year Lovelies!

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  1. I love prawns. This looks easy and delicious!

    1. It is super easy! I made it myself last weekend and it was so yummy, you should try it too :) x