Friday, February 24, 2017

Today I am feeling so much better as I’ve fully recovered from being ill last week! I am so happy to be feeling like myself again and also happy cause its Friday which means new blog post. 
Double YAY! 

Since it’s almost pancake day (Tuesday 28th) I felt like doing some pancake experimenting and wanted to create what I like to call Unicorn Crepes! 
Now, I tend to have lots of ideas of what I want to make or DIY and sometimes these ideas becomes a success but other times, not so much. However I had fun making these and taking the photos I thought I’ll still share it with you anyway. 
I mean, I can’t get it right all the time right? 
It’s all about being creative and experimenting, and not being afraid of the outcome I’ll say!
 I love the visuals of these photos as its pink and has sprinkles! 
 But I think I will stick to normal crepe on pancake day.
If you would like to make pink crepes, simply use a basic crepe recipe and add a splash of pink food colouring, and add lots of whipped cream and sprinkles! 
Would you eat these pink pancakes?

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  1. Oh. Em. Gee. THESE ARE SO DREAMY! Perfect for Pancake Day coming up!

    1. Thank you! <3 I was a little scared to eat these if I’m honest is they were so pink haha but they look so pretty. :)

  2. Whoooaaaa that looks AWESOME! What a great idea! These would've gone great with that Unicorn drink from Starbucks!

    Simply Lovebirds