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Monday, February 06, 2017

A gift to show your love.

The best gifts are the ones with a lot of thought and love put into them. This year for Mr & I anniversary, which was last month, we agreed not to get each other gifts since our anniversary was just after Christmas. 
However, being a party planner I love any excuse to get creative and surprise people, so I broke the rules a bit. I thought I would share with you what I made him so you can make it too as a Valentine’s Day gift. 

Mr had kept the receipt of the cafe where we met for the very first time and had our first date (I know he’s very sweet), until he gave it to me in a box card he had made for one of my Birthdays. 

I had the idea to frame the receipt as it means a lot to me and it was the beginning of our love, cheesy as it may sound. I just love the idea of preserving the memories of that date and displaying it in a frame. This was not just a gift for him but for the both of us. 

With that idea brewing in my brain I went to search of the perfect frame. I already 
knew what type of frame I wanted, I just had to go and find it. After a little internet surfing, I found the perfect little frame at B&Q without breaking the bank!
I went for a classic black metal hanging frame with a double glass panel. I liked the minimal look the frame had without taking attention away from what’s in the frame. 

This will make a great gift idea for your bf/gf this Valentine’s day and it’s so simple! You can also frame things like movie tickets, a print out of first texts/conversations, or holiday tickets where you had the best time ever. You can even write a quote that has meaning to the both of you.
 Be as creative as you can be and I’m sure your special someone will love it. 
I hope you have had a great start to the week so far despite it being a dark & grey Monday
 (from where I am anyway). 
Stay tuned lovelies as I have a special guest on here later on this week! 

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