From Yours Truly

Monday, January 15, 2018

Hello loves, how have you been? 
I hope you are well and the new year has been kind to you so far. 

The last part of 2017 I  had some much needed space for reflecting on life... don't worry I'm not going deep but just wanted to share a few thoughts and update you on what I've been up to whilst on my blog hibernation.

Firstly, I grew up... a lot. I finally moved out of my parents just a few months before turning 25 and it has been such a blessing... also tiring I admit. There were many long full days of painting and Facebook marketplace furniture hunting, trying to get the best deals possible but it was all worth it in the end. I mean I managed to get a set of 6 wooden dinning chairs for only £30.00 all together! All they needed was a lick of fresh paint and now they look at least £30.00 per chair! haha. Just call me the bargain hunter queen if you must. I'm kidding.  But I never knew how much furniture costed or can cost... and boy if you're about to buy your first set of furnitures one big tip for you... Save those pennies now and IKEA is your friend! Maybe I'll do a furniture buying post later on  and share some IKEA hack I've learnt?

Moving out has also meant that I now have a studio for my work which has been another big blessing. There are still a fair bit to do to get the studio how I like it in terms of decor but at least right now the most important thing is that it's functional! YAY! It has also meant that I can now entertain friends and family round, having those long dinner parties where you just don't want it to end because the food and company are all too good. 
ohh.. and I killed my first house plant in the span of  three days of getting it.  Oops. 
So that has been the biggest change and hence the major silence on here. 
However what I really wanted to share was what I've learnt towards the end of last year. 
With some time for rest and reflection, I have learnt to choose to love life. To accept the things that comes my way and to let go of unnecessary baggage that robs me of joy. 

I have learnt to love life fully with its ups and downs, watching life love me back and adapting to a more go with the flow attitude. Whatever is meant to be will be. Some seasons no doubt will be harder but it's not end.
When a flower doesn't Bloom you change the environment, not the flower. 
-Alexander Den Heijer

I used to be so worried about the future that I forgot to live in the moment that is right now. Those worries has taken some time to let go off but I felt so free once I started to focus on what I had in front of me and to embrace the journey I am in. Each of us have our own journey, none are easy but it can be such a great adventure if we allow it to be. 

You've probably heard me say several times now to Love yourself, and I'm still all about that! 
Once you fully love who you are you will naturally attract the right people who are meant to be in your life, some may leave but those who are meant to stay will do so. Just remember, don't let that self-loving get to your head. Egos are never in fashion and definitely don't look good on anyone! 

Stay humble, work hard, never give up and be kind! 
Oh and Love Life.

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