twenty eighteen.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Hello 2018 how you have crept up on me. 

A new year is always exciting. A time when everything feels so fresh cause it's a brand new year where you get to reinvent yourself or as they say "new year, new you". A time for change which for some can be scary but also really liberating. 
It seems to be a tradition on here that I share some of my New Years resolutions... mainly so I have you to hold it against me for if I do slip, so here goes...

#1  Stop apologising. 

Saying sorry is always good mannerism but not when you do it all the time for things that you shouldn't be sorry for. Like... sorry for having opinions, sorry for having a different interests... sorry for working hard? NO. I will not be sorry this year for being me. 
Don't get me wrong tho, I will apologies when it is only necessary but I am not going to apologies for working hard to chase my dreams, and I will not be sorry for being simply me. Egotistic much? Not at all, its about loving yourself and knowing your self worth. Don't let others tear you down or take advantage of your softness.  You are beyond that. 

#2 No more excuse. 

Chasing dreams is hard and it takes a lot of time and effort but if not now, when? Turn those can't into cans and turn those dreams into plans. So no more excuses, just got for it and plan, plan, plan! 

-If the plan doesn't work change the plan not the goal. 

#3 Self love. 

We all need it, some maybe more than others. For me I can get so caught up in loving others I forget myself, but this year applying resolution #2, no more excuses! I need some love too! 
To me self love means taking some time in the week or day just for myself and doing the things that brings me pure joy. Few things come straight to mind like trying out new recipes, adventuring into a new city or town, getting lost in a book or visiting my favourite gallery with a coffee date in London. It can be so simple even an afternoon in bed with a good book and a delicious cup of coffee will do me just fine. Just relax and start giving some quality time for myself. 
I'm all about the simple pleasures! 

I hope you will have an amazing 2018 and it will bring you lots of joy and laughter and 
don't forget to dream those dreams, to chase it and grab it. 

As always much love, 
Oh and hey, I'm back. 

Made any resolutions this year? I would love to hear yours. 

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