CNY 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year! 

Seriously where has the time gone? Chinese New Year is officially over and there are no more dumplings!!! Luckily I made a back-up batch thats now in the freezer. 

With most of my family back in Hong Kong, CNY has always been a quiet one with just my parents and I. We had a great hot pot night and I even learnt how to make Lo Bak Go (turnip cake), which my parents devoured within 2 minutes of plating them up. 

However, being the party planner that I am and with the love of being the hostess, I thought this year I would share some New Year traditions with my fellow Church family and friends. 
Shame I didn't get photos during the party as I was endlessly wrapping and cooking dumplings! But enjoy the few snaps from the weekend celebration just before everyone started popping by...

I hope you had a lovely Chinese New Year celebration, may this year bring you plenty of laughter and your bellies be full! 

with love,

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