Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy love day to you!

This is actually going to be my first valentine's day in three year as a single lady, now before you cry me a tear or pay me a minute of silence... I'm totally okay! In fact I haven't been this happy in years and I still love valentines day as its a celebration of Love. I know this year V-day is on a weekday but I'm sharing with you some tips if you are thinking of celebrating over the weekend.

#1 Turn off that alarm. 

There's nothing more that spoils a weekend than being concerned with time in my opinion.
So turn those morning alarms off  (yes I know you, the ones with several alarms) before you go to bed the night before and wake up naturally to a fabulous lazy weekend.
Why not even make an amazing breakfast in bed?

#2 Be spontaneous with no expectations

Let your mood or moods pilot your day. If you want to take a trip and explore a new town for the day, do it! If you just want to lay in bed with netflix, do that!
Whatever you’re feeling just go with it without putting any expectations onto the day as that can spoil the fun!  

#3 Always quality over quantity

It’s so easy to compare our happiness with others through tiny squares of images on our favourite social media platform. So why not try to stay away from your phones for the day and spend that time being present and in the moment  whatever you’re doing.  

You can even have a fun competition to see who gives in and pick up their phone first, loser has to make a romantic dinner!

Whether you’re loved up as a couple or loving the solo life spend Valentine's day just the way you want it. Don’t feel the pressure to have to be doing something incredible, sometimes the sweetest moments are the simple ones. 
And as cheesy as this may sound… I think everyday should be love day.

As always love,

P.S. For those who love a good spiritual read, I finally finished Uninvited by the a-mazing 
Lysa TerKeurst,  and I can not recommend it enough!!!  You will laugh, maybe even relate to her stories and it may even set you free. I know it did for me. 
Perhaps I'll do a book review soon?...
Maybe.  x

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