Until Next Time January

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Dear January,

We started off with a great adventure to Barcelona with the family. It was a spontaneous trip and one I will cherish forever. We had no specific itinerary for each day we were there, we simply wondered through the city. Barcelona you are so beautiful, from the architecture to your delicious tapas. I look forward to hopefuly meeting you again one day in warmer weather. 

Work has been in full force this month with as always endless to-do list but I do love it. Even though I still haven't mastered the work/ home life balance yet, I have been learning to let go and give myself a bit grace to relax, recharge and not let myself become burnt out.

I have been finding so much joy in the simple moments. A cup of tea in the morning, spending time making breakfast instead of a grab & go attitude.  January you have taught me how to slow down and enjoy the moments of life before it all fades away. 

You have also gave me encouragement and pushed me out of my comfort zone as I led an art based worship at church. If all truth be told, I get really nervous standing or speaking in a room full of people. But once I started sharing something I was passionate about such as painting and worship, the nerves soon faded away. You have inspired me and given me a much needed confidence to keep on pressuring my dreams. 

You have also taught me what it means to live and walk by faith. Living by faith doesn't mean your life will be easy, it means though the downfalls, through the heartaches, through the messiness of life, there is hope that this is not the end. Having faith is letting go of what was and trust with confidence of what is to come. In living by faith you have taught me to be strong so I thank you. 

As I say farewell for now, I want to thank you. Thank you for the experiences you have given me, for the lesson taught, and for the encouragement. 

Until next time,
Love as always,
Tiffany C

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