Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hello lovelies, how are you today? I hope you are well.

I want to share something a little different than what has ever been posted on here before. I want to share this part of me because it is a huge part of who I am and it hasn't felt right not to open up about my faith on my own personal blog. Some of you may know, some may not, either way I hope you will still enjoy reading this and future post about my faith.

I believe that there is a creator who created this world, all the beautiful things in it which includes you and I. I believe there is God and I believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You may not share the same believe and thats totally okay! I am not here to convert you, but only to share my experiences and my faith for I no longer want to be silent in love with my creator.

This week I am learning what faith really means and want to share some thoughts with you. So here goes..

Having faith doesn't mean things don't get difficult. It doesn't mean life is easy or free from messiness.
Having faith means that you see the light despite the darkness and when you really can't see anything but darkness, faith means you still believe that light will eventually come in the morning.

The wait is difficult no matter what you're waiting on. Whether it's a career, a relationship or healing, waiting is hard, but if you ask for strength, God will provide it. In times of trouble, loneliness, lack of patience, you are free to cry, even scream if you want to. With our father you never need to appear to be "okay" or "have it together" like a perfect Instagram feed. The Lord knows your pain so let your emotions be free. Let yourself be free.
Reach out to God in those moments, talk to him, tell him your fears,  tell him your pain. He cares so deeply and he will give you strength and restore your heart with his unconditional love and grace. Embrace the struggle and let it make you stronger because it won't last forever.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and future."
Jeremiah 29:11

For those who are in the season of waiting, I have recently stumbled on this poem on Pinterest by Russel Kelfer which you can find here....

I love this poem and have re-read it several times when I find myself being impatient and have found so much peace from it. 
In this season of waiting I hope you will find some peace too. Know that your Father is in control, his plans and his timings are always perfect. Just keep walking beside him, not steps ahead, or behind, just simply by his side. 

Much love,

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